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Residents Respond to White Supremacist Flyers Found in Yards

A homeowner on Center Street, who wishes to remain anonymous, claims white supremacist flyers were thrown into his and other neighbors yards over the weekend.

“The one that was actually on my yard, right there, was actually just a big swastika sticker that said, white power get some.” he said.

He contacted the civil justice group, Wabash Valley in Solidarity.

“I got the news when I was sitting in conversation with two other inter-faith council of the Wabash valley members. I am also a member of the inter-faith council of the Wabash Valley,” said Sister Barbara Battista a Sister of Providence and Justice Promoter.

 “I was sitting with a Muslim woman and a Jewish woman and myself. So the three of us sitting there having good conversation,” she explained. “And then to learn that there are these hateful anti-semitic white supremacist flyers being distributed.”

In response to these materials, the group will hold a vigil on Wednesday at 5pm in front of the Courthouse, in partnership with the Terre Haute NAACP and other organizations.

“No one is born bad or evil it is a learned response,” said Terre Haute NAACP President Sylvester Edwards.”So the people who is doing this are people that are lost within the community and they’re looking for people who are also lost.”

Terre Haute Police responded to the calls from homeowners, but because nothing was damaged and no laws broken, no report was filed.

This homeowner says he doesn’t feel threatened, he just worries about possible escalation.

“And it was definitely recruitment. It definitely wasn’t any kind of get out of our neighborhood. But I definitely feel like they are on the rise,” he explained. “And the way that the world is right now, when they get complimented as very fine people by people on television, that emboldens them that it’s okay to you know express hate.”

Source: https://www.mywabashvalley.com/news/residents-respond-to-white-supremacist-flyers-found-in-yards/2067084963

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