Holding Antisemites Accountable.

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Vandals Deface Public Areas in Texas Town with Swastikas

The police in the City of Lakeway are investigating a series of graffiti incidents, some of which they say are antisemitic. The graffiti was first reported to city officials on April 7, but since then, law enforcement has learned of it happening six more times. Four other incidents were also reported just outside Lakeway city limits.

Photos obtained by KXAN show symbols that look similar to Nazi swastikas painted outside an outdoor bathroom stall, retention wall, and subdivision entrance. City officials also investigated a report where the symbol was spraypainted on a vehicle.  Mayor Tom Kilgore said on Sunday that city workers have covered and painted over the graffiti, and so far, there is no indication that an organized group is behind the acts.

“For those who consider doing similar acts in the future, we will remain vigilant and will not tolerate vandalism or hate of this nature. We will pursue the proper punishment to the extent the law allows,” Kilgore said in a statement to KXAN.