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CNN Takes Heat for Saying Israeli Hostages Were ‘Released’

CNN came in for sharp criticism Saturday after running a segment that said Israeli hostages rescued in the daring morning operation in Gaza had been released.

Network anchor Victor Blackwell and Ian Bremmer, founder of the Eurasia Group, were both discussing the dramatic mission to save the four hostages when the word “release” appeared in a chyron.

Critics pounced, pointing out that Hamas did not willingly release these hostages.

“Come on @CNN the four hostages were RESCUED not released. Do better,” said watchdog group StopAntisemitism in a posting to X.

Yaari Cohen, an Israeli student called the chyron “disgusting, adding that the network “should be ashamed.”

“Hamas didn’t “release” these Hostages, the IDF rescued them after Hamas held them for 8 months!!” Cohen said on X.

Neither man said the word “release,” during the interview, which was about how Israel’s war cabinet minister Benny Gantz would hold off on a press conference in which he was widely expected to quit the government of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

Reps for CNN did not respond to request for comment from The Post.