Holding Antisemites Accountable.

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Pro-Hamas Student Agitators Face Charges over Antisemitic Vandalism, Forced Entry on California College Campus

On June 5, thirteen pro-Palestine protesters were detained after breaking into Building 10, the Stanford President’s office. Since then, a baker’s dozen have been charged with 459(a) PC, a felony charge of burglary with intention to commit a felony or theft.

The Review has obtained the names of these students in-person from the Stanford University Office of Public Safety. Eleven are current Stanford students. All listed are age eighteen or above.

They are listed as follows:

  • Eliana Lindsay Fuchs, senior.
  • Hunter A Taylorblack, senior.
  • Dilan Suraj Gohill, freshman. The Stanford Daily says he was there within his capacity as a Daily reporter.
  • Gretchen Rose Guimarin, senior.
  • John Thomas Richardson. Year unknown.
  • Isabella Terrazas, senior. (Note: there are two Isabella Terrazas at Stanford. The Isabella arrested is a senior.)
  • Kaiden Wang, senior.
  • German Rafael Gonzalez, sophomore. Gonzales is a Gates Scholar.
  • Cameron Michael Pennington, senior.
  • Zoe Georgia Edelman, junior.
  • Maya Nell Murungi Burke, coterminal masters student.

Additionally, Taylor Oh McCann ‘14, an alum, and Amy Jing Zhu, affiliation unknown, were both charged with a 459(a) PC.