Holding Antisemites Accountable.

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Pennsylvania College Student Tags Jewish Pupils in Makeshift Swasika Social Media Post

A Lehigh University student shared a social media post containing a hand gesture in the shape of a swastika and tagged members of Lehigh’s Jewish community, according to an email sent on Tuesday to the campus community by Ric Hall, vice president for student affairs, and Donald Outing, vice president for equity and community.  

Hall and Outing wrote that Lehigh must serve as an example for condemning hate with a worldwide record number of antisemitic incidents occurring.

Hall and Outing wrote that they condemn this antisemitic act, and “hate has no place on our campus or in our community.”

Lehigh administration was made aware of the incident recently and wrote in the email that once reported, an investigation was launched by the Equal Opportunity Compliance Coordinator, Karen Salvemini.

The student who created the post was a fraternity member, according to an email by Sarah Runyon, interim director of fraternity and sorority affairs. 

A student admitted to circulating the image and will be held accountable according to the student code of conduct, according to the email from Hall and Outing.

Hall and Outing wrote that the Office of Jewish Student Life, including Rabbi Steve Nathan, University Chaplain Lloyd Steffen, and Student Affairs staff are available for support. 

Source: https://thebrownandwhite.com/2023/06/07/antisemitic-post-reported-to-administration/