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Oklahoma City Police Seek Suspect After Swastika Found on Man’s Front Lawn

Oklahoma City police are searching for a suspect after a swastika was found cut into a man’s front lawn.

The homeowner, Stan Sells, said he filed a report when he woke up and found it at his home off North Sara Road.

“I came out here yesterday morning and I was out mowing, I looked down and saw that, and kind of got bewildered. Why would someone do that?” Sells said.

Sells saw the swastika on his front lawn on Tuesday morning. OKC police are now investigating who put it there.

NGO StopAntisemitism shared an image of the lawn with their followers on Twitter.

“I called the police, they came out and they said it was a hate crime,” Sells said.

Sells said the Federal Bureau of Investigation has been notified.

“It’s not kids, because of the way they cut it. It’s precision. Someone knew what they were doing. It disgusts me. People like that shouldn’t be around,” Sells said.

The OKC FBI field office has been investigating other incidents like this.

She also said they have a white supremacist distribution report.

“Oklahoma ranked number 15 in the country on the number of propaganda we saw being distributed in the state,” Cushing said.

Source: https://www.koco.com/article/oklahoma-city-police-swastika-man-lawn/44122474