Holding Antisemites Accountable.

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Penn State Students Call for Expulsion of Students Involved in Antisemitic, Racist Acts


Penn State and dozens of students, including at least two student activist groups, responded Monday to allegations of racism and antisemitism purportedly carried out by students.

One video included racist language as a vehicle passed by a protest organized in response to George Floyd’s death in Minneapolis. The protest was not in Centre County. The University did not specify on Twitter which video the statement was in response to, and a university spokesman also declined to identify the video.

“The University shares the outrage expressed on social media. We are disgusted by the behavior portrayed, which does not reflect our values,” the University said in a second statement issued Monday. “It is deeply troubling that as a society, we today are still facing racism. The university condemns these messages, and staff are verifying individuals and reaching out to those in question.”

Marcus Whitehurst, Penn State’s vice provost for education equity, also responded Monday, saying he was “disheartened and outraged at the racist comments and abhorrent social media posts.”

The University also responded directly Monday night to a tweet that included a photo of a second alleged student with swastika drawn on her shoulder. The photo is “deeply disturbing and sickening,” and officials planned to contact the alleged student, the university wrote.

A third purported incoming freshman was criticized in a tweet posted Tuesday morning for using racially divisive language. The University again did not respond to the video as of 12:30 p.m. Tuesday.

Even if all three were sanctioned, the public may not know about it. Student discipline and educational records are considered confidential under the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act.