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L.A. Man Pleads Guilty to Planning Antisemitic Attack

A man in Los Angeles (LA) pleaded guilty on Friday to visiting synagogues and churches so as to plan an antisemitic attack, LA news sources report.

28-year-old Nicholas Wesley Rose was caught planning his attack with his unregistered long-range rifle in the Irvine neighborhood, which has a large Jewish community. His parents contacted authorities in 2018 after hearing their son say he planned to “get a gun and kill some Jews,” according to the DA’s office.

Rose pleaded guilty to “one felony count of carrying a loaded firearm that was not registered to him and three misdemeanor counts of violating civil rights,” officials said, according to KTLA. He was then sentenced to 825 days in jail, one year in a mental health program, five years of probation and a 500-yard restraining order from the congregations he threatened.

Rose targeted several churches due to their connection to the Jewish community. He researched the congregations and visited them for almost a year leading up to his arrest. He also researched white supremacist and antisemitic ideologies. Rose kept a journal, as well, within which he had a list of steps on how to “kill a Jew.” The journal also had a list of members of the Jewish community he intended to target.

Source: https://www.jpost.com/Diaspora/Antisemitism/Los-Angeles-man-pleads-guilty-to-planning-antisemitic-attack-591418

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