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Protesters Crashed NYC’s Israel Day Parade Calling for Captive Israelis to be Killed

Protesters clashed the Israel Day parade in New York City on Sunday, with one masked man holding a ‘kill hostages now’ sign.

This year’s parade was focused on solidarity with Israel and calling for the release of the remaining 121 hostages in Gaza who were taken during Hamas‘s deadly October 7th attack. 

One protester, dressed in all black and covering his face with a ski mask despite summer temperatures outside, carried a banner that said ‘kill hostages now.’

Another held up her phone with the message that said ‘they’re not coming home,’ in reference to the innocent Israelis taken hostage by the terror group.  

The parade took place almost eight months to the day since the October 7th attack by Hamas terrorists on Israel, which launched the nation into a war that is now being fought primarily in Gaza.

Mark Treyger, the CEO of the Jewish Community Relations Council said the mood today is one of ‘confetti and music.’ 

‘This is more of a mood of unwavering, ironclad solidarity with hostages to bring them home, and also our unwavering love and pride in our Jewish identity,’ he said, according to the Associated Press.

The parade, which has been taking place for nearly 60 years – this year will be the 59th – started at 11.30am at 57th and Fifth Avenue.

Organizers said they expected some 40,000 participants, including several official representatives of Israel, and some of the family members of the hostages.

Treyger added that, despite an alarmingly large rise in anti-Semitism since October 7, canceling the parade was never a consideration.

However, bulked up security was in place to help participants meet the moment.

Drones, K-9 units, bike patrols, and fencing and barriers will all be in place along the roughly mile-long parade route.

On Friday, city officials said there had been no specific or credible threats ahead of the event, and that protestors have the right to demonstrate as long as it remains peaceful.

Mayor Eric Adams, who has condemned the disruptive and sometimes unlawful behavior of anti-Israel protestors around the city, said: ‘We’re not going to allow any unlawfulness and any disruption of any celebration of one’s heritage in this city.’

Though there have been thousands of protests related to the ongoing Israel/Hamas war in NYC since October 7, Sunday’s parade will be the first large-scale Jewish event since the outbreak of the war, according to Adams.

Making an appearance at the parade on Sunday, Adams, who was standing beside Israeli singer Eden Golan – who recently represented her country at Eurovision – said: ‘Our message is extremely clear. Destroy Hamas, bring home the hostages. Let’s bring peace, so we don’t lose lives of innocent people.’

Due to the ongoing grim circumstances of the hostages and the war, there will be no music, bands, or celebratory chanting at this year’s parade.

The refrain of the parade will be ‘Bring Them Home,’ the slogan that has become affiliated with the mission to return each of the hostages.

The event is scheduled to wrap up at about 4pm Sunday after moving through the full route. NYC authorities are expecting disruptions similar to those seen at the 2023 Thanksgiving Day Parade.

At the iconic Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade late last year, protestors unveiled ‘Free Palestine’ signage while riding on parade floats and participating in the march.