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Watchdog Groups Slams ‘Insufficient Sentence’ for NYC Antisemitic Hate Crime

Watchdog group StopAntisemitism condemned on Tuesday the “insufficient” sentencing of Suleiman Othman, who received a two-month sentencing for his violent antisemitic assault on Blake Zavadsky in Brooklyn in 2021. 

“StopAntisemitism is extremely troubled that repeat violent antisemite Suleiman Othman was sentenced to a mere two months in prison for his unprovoked assault on Blake Zavadsky in 2021,” the group said. “Othman, who was released on $1,000 bail rather than the recommended $35,000, previously rejected a plea deal that would’ve seen him serve six months.”

StopAntisemitism continued: “These slap-on-the-wrist punishments serve only to make New York City’s Jews less safe by emboldening those who would do them harm. The city needs principled leaders in the criminal justice system who will hold antisemites accountable rather than handing them sweetheart deals.”

Othman, a Staten Island resident, violently assaulted Zavadsky, a Jewish man wearing an IDF sweatshirt, in Brooklyn in December 2021.

Blake Zavadsky in his IDF hoodie after being attacked on Sunday.

In November 2022 alone, antisemitic hate crimes across New York City’s five boroughs more than doubled from a year prior, New York Police Department data revealed, resulting in a 125% increase. 

Back in January, New York Jewish leaders gathered outside the Brooklyn Criminal Courthouse while Brooklyn District Attorney Eric Gonzalez’s prosecution of Othman took place inside the courthouse. Othman rejected the plea deal offered to him at the time. 

Rallygoers demanded action for the Jewish community, which continues to be the target of a growing number of hate crimes. They also condemned the plea deal offered by Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg to an antisemite who participated in a gang attack on a Jewish man near Times Square in May 2021.