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‘The View’ Co-Host Sunny Hostin’s Daughter Celebrates Graduation from Swanky Prep School with Sneering Anti-Israel Message

The glamorous daughter of “The View” co-host Sunny Hostin celebrated her graduation from her $63,000-a-year New York City prep school with a sneering anti-Israel message — before she then mocked her peers.

“Now that I got my diploma: FROM THE RIVER TO THE SEA, PALESTINE WILL BE FREE,” Paloma Hostin wrote in a Snapchat post obtained and shared on X by StopAntisemitism.

“And to all the mfs who screenshotted my stories and showed them to your parents trying to get me suspended or expelled, look at me now,” she continued.

The offensive missive was posted on top of a selfie of the 18-year-old puckering her lips after she graduated from the tony Ethical Culture Fieldston School in the Bronx.

The slogan, “From the river to the sea, Palestine will be free” is classified by the Anti-Defamation League as antisemitic as it calls for the “dismantling of the Jewish state.”

It has been an oft-repeated rallying cry at campus anti-Israel protests across the country since the Oct. 7 massacre.

The Ethical Culture Fieldston School, which is part of the elite “Hill Schools” cohort in the Bronx, just last week was embroiled in another anti-Israel controversy when a student vandalized the school’s front entrance with graffiti reading “free Palestine!”

Hostin, who is now bound for Cornell, attempted to walk back the disturbing post Friday afternoon in a follow-up post on her Instagram account — which is now set to private.

“I woke up feeling heavy about the humanitarian catastrophe in the Middle East. Both sides have endured unimaginable loss and suffering. Today, my prayers are with everyone affected by these tragedies,” she wrote in a caption underneath an image of a peace sign painted against a colorful backdrop.

Meanwhile, her TV host mother has not shied away from airing her own anti-Israel views on “The View,” grilling Bill Maher earlier this month about “the innocent civilians that have been collectively punished and murdered” in the war.

The elder Hostin, 55, also raised eyebrows in April when she chalked up WNBA superstar Caitlin Clark’s popularity to “white privilege” and “pretty privilege,” and then again in early May when she baselessly claimed the solar eclipse was the result of climate change.

Liora Rez, Founder and Executive Director of StopAntisemitism, told The Post that the organization had “confirmed with a parental source” the authenticity of Paloma Hostin’s Snapchat posting.

“We wouldn’t be surprised if her name came up again in any antisemitic incidents at Cornell after seeing such a [post] and her glee in [posting] it,” she said.

Representatives for Sunny Hostin reached by The Post declined to comment.

A spokesperson for Fieldston declined to comment.