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Ohio Law Enforcement Seeking Individual Responsible for Burning Hostages Sign Down

Ohio — Columbus police are searching for whoever burned a handmade sign outside Congregation Tifereth Israel.

Leaders there say it happened around one in the morning on Tuesday. Columbus police and fire say there’s a joint investigation looking into the suspects.

Nicole Kaunitz attends the synagogue, and she says it was a banner calling for the release of Israeli hostages. Members and staff would change the numbers for every day they remained captive.

It was on display for more than 200 days before the banner was destroyed and reduced to ashes. Kaunitz says global issues from the Israel-Hamas war are leading to a rise in hate.

It’s been more than six months since the war between Israel and Hamas started. Israeli officials say hostages are still being held captive. Rabbi Hillel Skolnik says it’s been a rough time.

The synagogue has increased security overnight. Rabbi Skolnik says the call for the release of hostages won’t stop. People are wearing the color yellow to show support.

Police are working to find the suspects while the synagogue is prepping for a new sign in the near future.