Holding Antisemites Accountable.

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New Jersey School District Investigating 5th Grade Assignment Praising Hitler

A fifth-grade student at the Maugham School in Tenafly, New Jersey, dressed as Adolf Hitler to deliver a teacher approved character development project on the mass murderer to the class. An investigation has begun under the office of the superintendent.

Last week, the student presented their character development project dressed as Hitler and wrote in first person that the dictator’s “accomplishments” were “…uniting a great mass of German and Austrian people behind me.”

The student continued, “I rose to power as the leader of the Nazi party, becoming chancellor in 1933 then assuming title of Fuhrer and Reichskanzler in 1934.”

The student then explained Hitler’s titles. “Fuhrer and Reichskanzler means leader and chancellor. I was pretty great wasn’t I?”

The student added, “I was very popular, and many people followed me until I died.”

The write up concluded by saying, “My beli(e)f in antisemitism drove me to kill more than 6 million Jews.”

According to parents, the essay was then hung up in the hallway with the other presentations from the class. Students were able to select a historical figure of their choice for the project. Parents told The Post Millennial that the Tenafly public school district is 40 percent Jewish. They added that the teacher went over the report while it was being written, through the final presentation with the students to help and monitor progress.

In a letter obtained by The Post Millennial, Superintendent Shauna DeMarco learned about the incident on Friday and began an investigation.

“On the eve of Memorial Day, when we honor and mourn the military personnel who have died in the performance of their duties while serving in the United States Armed Forces, I have the difficult task of addressing a serious matter involving a school project completed recently on Adolf Hitler.”

DeMarco continued, “I learned about this situation on Friday and contacted the related District administrators immediately. I have requested that all associated information related to this project be provided to me. Once I receive and review the full information, I will determine any further action that should be taken.”

The letter concluded by saying, “The Board and the Administration hope that their prior actions have demonstrated to the Tenafly community that we are committed to driving a positive school climate and culture to maximize the learning opportunities and emotional growth for our students and to enable them to pursue productive and fulfilling lives.”

Source: https://thepostmillennial.com/nj-fifth-grader-dresses-as-adolf-hitler-for-class-presentation-i-was-pretty-great-wasnt-i