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University of Cincinnati Chabad Menorah Vandalized for Fourth Time in Two Years

A menorah on the lawn of the Chabad Jewish center at the University of Cincinnati was vandalized for the fourth time in several years, UC Chabad Rabbi Yitzi Creeger told The Algemeiner on Wednesday.

Footage of the latest incident was first shared by the watchdog group StopAntisemitsm, and shows a young man sporting a knapsack walking up to the menorah and toppling it before running away.

“I can’t even tell if it’s the same person who’s done it multiple times or not, it’s really hard to know,” Creeger said. “I’m not sure what’s better or worse; is it one person or five or six different people? The core issue is that there is hatred, and that’s what we would like to counter,” he continued.

Rabbi Creeger said he hopes to meet with the university over the issue, and that he would want the perpetrator to be educated, not punished, if apprehended.

“If we could find out who this young person was, I don’t want him kicked out of fraternity or kicked out the university. I’d want education and a conversation with that person to talk about why this is of concern to the Jewish community,” he said. “I think education and openness is a better way to fight ignorance, fear, and hatred.”