Holding Antisemites Accountable.

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Swastika Spray Painted on Suspicious Gas Canister Found in Carson City Dog Park

According to Carson City Sheriff Ken Furlong, Sheriff’s Office deputies closed 2nd Street near Roop to investigate what appears to be a suspicious gas canister left on the corner.

Bomb investigation protocol is ongoing at this time and residents must stay away from the area.

Shown in the photo taken by Carson City resident Josh Lopez, the gas canister appears to have a swastika painted on the side and was placed alongside the fence of the 2nd and Roop Street Dog Park.

The location of the gas canister is kitty-corner to the Carson City Courthouse.

Updates to follow.

Source: https://www.carsonnow.org/story/05/26/2023/carson-city-sheriffs-office-investigate-swastika-gas-canister-left-roop-and-2nd-str