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Men Dressed as Orthodox Jews Rob Jewish Family Away at Synagogue

An Orthodox Jewish family in Miami, Florida had their house broken into and robbed on Saturday afternoon as they were in the synagogue for Shabbat, WLPG Miami reported.

“I walked upstairs in my mom’s room, and it looked like a tornado hit it,” said the family’s 12-year-old son, who immediately called 911 upon arriving at the house and seeing the damage. “Everything was taken out on the floor and in the bed.”

The thieves were clad in traditional Orthodox Jewish clothing, which would ostensibly help them blend in as they burglarized the house. Footage of the men was captured by home security footage.

Approximately 15,000 Jews live in Miami Beach, Florida, while nearly 500,000 Jews live in South Florida — 120,000 in Miami-Dade, 144,000 in Broward, and 218,000 in Palm Beach County.

“A lot has been taken: watches, jewelry,” said the victim, who asked not to be identified. Police said the thieves made out with $300,000 worth of watches, jewelry and roughly 25-30 handbags, even loading the stolen goods into suitcases belonging to the victims before brazenly walking out of the house. 

The burglars are still at large and Miami Beach police urges anyone with information on the crime or who thinks they recognize the criminals in the video to contact Miami-Dade Crime Stoppers at 305-471-TIPS.