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StopAntisemitism.org Exposes Anti-Semitic Cartoon in the New York Times


StopAntisemitism.org racks up major accomplishments in April, including exposing the vile anti-Semitic NY Times cartoon.

Yesterday’s landmark announcement that the Trump administration is pursuing a foreign terrorist organization designation for the Muslim Brotherhood exemplifies the broad success of StopAntisemitism.org, the watchdog group announced today.

Just seven months after its launch, Stop Antisemitism’s social media reach in April exceeded a monthly high of 400,000 people on Facebook and a weekly high of 130,000 people on Instagram. This fast-growing audience benefits from unparalleled informational resources exposing and holding accountable the anti-Semites who threaten and undermine the security of the Jewish people and the broader values of the United States.

Stop Antisemitism has powerfully translated its massive reach into tangible impact. After the watchdog issued a petition asking U.S. Attorney William Barrand Special Antisemitism Envoy Elan Carr to investigate the alleged terrorism ties of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), including its affiliations to the Muslim Brotherhood and Hamas, the White House announced Tuesday that it is seeking to label the Muslim Brotherhood as a terrorist organization. Nearly 100,000 individuals have endorsed Stop Antisemitism’s past and current petitions. The recent petition on CAIR’s alleged terror ties was picked up by national media and garnered 35,000 signatures despite the fact that it was aggressively censored by Change.org.


Stop Antisemitism last Friday used a tip from one of its social media followers to be the first one to expose the anti-Semitic cartoon in The New York Timest hat depicted Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahuas a dog guiding the blind President Donald Trump, who was also wearing a yarmulke. After Stop Antisemitism posted the cartoon, it sparked a global uproar which prompted The New York Timesto issue two apologies.


Amid the rising tide of bigotry among younger Americans, more than half of Stop Antisemitism’s social media followers come from the crucial demographic of users under age 35.  Stop Antisemitism works with its younger social media followers on Instagram to help expose anti-Semitic incidents such as April’s swastika posts and racist threats in Jacksonville, Fla. Once Stop Antisemitism’s posts on that incident went viral, the teenagers involved were subjected to further discipline by the local school board. The need for this social media engagement is clearer than ever following the deadly attack at Chabad of Poway.

“It’s not enough to repeat the motto ‘Never Again’. Stopping anti-Semitism requires action on all our parts,” said Liora Rez, Executive Director of Stop Antisemitism. “For too long, countless Americans have buried their heads in the sand as virulent anti-Semitism threatened their safety, their core values, and their way of life. No longer! Stop Antisemitism has proven a path to defeating anti-Semitism by holding anti-Semites accountable and creating consequences for their despicable behavior.”

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