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Mob of Palestinian Supporters in Chicago Call for the Slaughter of Jews, Burn Israeli Flag

An Arab mob calling for the murder of Jews attacked the participants of a pro-Israel rally held in a Chicago suburb with such vehemence that the police cut the pro-Israel rally short, saying they couldn’t guarantee the safety of the participants.

The rally was held on Sunday in Naperville, a suburb of Chicago, with participants gathering outside city hall and then marching through downtown Naperville.

Trucks full of Arabs waving Palestinian flags showed up by the pro-Israel rally, with participants yelling for the slaughter of Jews and destruction of Israel and harassing and cursing the participants.

“We could hear the mob chanting while they marched toward us ‘From the river to the sea Palestine will be free’, ‘Intifada Intifada long live the Intifada’, and ‘Khyber Khyber ya Yahood, Jaish Muhammed sa Yahood,’” said Daniel Raab, one of the organizers. “They were cursing at us and saying to ‘kill the Jews’.”

“We returned to City Hall with one hour left for our event and the police informed us they were shutting us down due to the risk to our lives that the Naperville Protest for Palestine numbering in the hundreds were on their way and that they could no longer keep us safe. We quickly packed up and began evacuating from City Hall.”

“When we evacuated a car with four teenage boys, one Jew and three non-Jews from the Walk for Israel got caught in the mob at a traffic light. They were surrounded by the mob with people jumping on and into their car, spitting and punching.”

The Arabs also grabbed an Israeli flag and set it on fire.

Prior to the event, an Instagram advertisement for the march received over 1,300 anti-Semitic and vile remarks, including calls for violence and death threats toward the organizers, Raab said.

Raab added that a Palestinian counter-protest was planned “with the explicit intention to intimidate the Jewish run rally and march onto city hall to confront the 50 Jews and allies gathered for Israel. Violent intentions were expressed as the goal of the confrontations.”

Source: https://www.theyeshivaworld.com/news/headlines-breaking-stories/1976739/hate-in-chicago-arabs-yelling-kill-the-jews-attack-pro-israel-rally.html