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Israeli Owned London Eatery Vandalized with ‘Free Palestine’ Graffiti

An entire front window of Michaels Brasserie, was sprayed with slogan “Free Palestine” in yellow and black paint, in an incident that is believed to have been carried out late on Saturday May 14th.

Owner Michael Levi confirmed he was left “hurt and upset” after he spotted the graffiti after arriving at the shop at around 6.30am to bake that day’s bread supplies.

He immediately telephoned police, who arrived at the store within 45 minutes, and officers proceeded to take photographs and a statement from the chef regarding the incident.

Levi said the incident, which was the first he had experienced, had left him feeling “as small as possible.”

He added:”I can’t really get angry with people who choose this path. I just feel ashamed and hurt, and upset. We are just try to live our lives doing the best we can .. and then this.”

Levi, who trained at the world-renowned Le Cordon Bleu, and has worked in top Michelin starred restaurants in London, said the brasserie had no visible sign it was Jewish owned, when it was closed.

Levi revealed he had still to replace the previous mezuzah on the front door, after it broke.

“I will definitely be putting one up now as soon as I can,” said Levi.

The popular restaurant specializes in dishes like shakshuka, chicken and lentils, shawarma, and smoked aubergine.