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97 Year Old Holocaust Survivor Bombarded with Antisemitic Hate Online on TikTok

A 97-year-old Holocaust survivor was overwhelmed with antisemitic hate on social media amid the Israel-Palestinian conflict, including posts that praised Hitler, her family said.

Lily Ebert, a native of Bonyhád, Hungary, who was deported to the Auschwitz Nazi death camp in 1944, operates a TikTok account to answer questions about the Holocaust.

But she’s been flooded with vile messages praising Hitler during the Sabbath, her great-grandson said.

“We will not allow this to stop us from educating about the horror of the past, and what hatred can lead to,” Dov Forman tweeted on May 16. “Hate only breeds hate.”

Some of the repulsive replies, according to a screenshot, included: “Can u ask her did Israel exist when she [moved] out of Germany?” and “Ask her if she thinks the treatement of Palestinians reminds her [of] the treatment she got in the camp.”

Other comments included “Happy Holocaust” and “Free Palestine.”

Others cited the most recent tension between Israel and Gaza’s militant Hamas rulers: “And now look what Jews in Palestine.”

None of Ebert’s TikTok messages were political or mentioned Israel, according to the Campaign Against Antisemitism. Ebert, who now lives in London and survived COVID-19 after being diagnosed in January, won’t be deterred from her goal to educate the masses, her great-grandson said.

“Hate breeds hate and we will not let this vile antisemitic abuse stop us in our mission of educating the younger generations about the horrors of the Holocaust,” Forman tweeted Tuesday. “Thank you for all of your support over the past few days.”

Source: https://nypost.com/2021/05/24/holocaust-survivor-lily-ebert-assailed-with-anti-semitic-hatred/