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White Supremacist Group Targets Kenosha Again in Latest Antisemitic Flier Drop

Antisemitic fliers have been left in the yards of Kenosha residents across the city, according to Kenosha Police Lieutenant Joseph Nosalik. The watchdog organization StopAntisemitism tweeted it was the 12th time residents of Kenosha were victim to this antisemitic flier drop, courtesy of the white supremacist group ‘Goyim Defense

This weekend, another round of the fliers — which contain the antisemitic trope that the media is controlled by Jews and include a link to a website filled with conspiracies about Jewish people — were left in people’s yards.

Previous incidents have occurred in the Sunnyside, Allendale and Lance Park neighborhoods of the city. Nosalik says the fliers have been mostly distributed in the southeastern parts of the city. 

On Sunday, Allendale resident Ellen Ferwerda was walking in her neighborhood when she noticed the pamphlets — which were placed in plastic bags and weighed down with rocks — distributed in her yard and the yards of several neighbors. 

“I think it’s disturbing, it’s boldly disturbing,” she says.  Nosalik says the city is still actively investigating the fliers.