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White Supremacist Group ‘Goyim Defense League’ Harasses Beverly Hilton Guests

Guests of the Beverly Hilton were harassed by white supremacists from the Goyim Defense League dressed as Nazi brownshirts on Sunday, the NGO StopAntisemitism claimed.

In a video of the incident, a member of the Goyim Defense League (GDL) with a black hat and fake sidelocks shouted “The Nazis are coming” at guests at the hotel entrance, and two other members dressed as Nazis patrolled the driveway. 

“We are aware of an incident that occurred yesterday involving non-guests outside of The Beverly Hilton,” A hotel spokesperson told The Jerusalem Post. “Upon being notified of the incident, we contacted local authorities immediately. We take this matter very seriously as our hotel has zero tolerance for discrimination of any kind and we are committed to providing a welcoming, hospitable and safe environment for our guests and team members.”

The trio had parked their truck, which was emblazoned with antisemitic rhetoric, in the middle of the hotel’s driveway. According to Beverly Hills Mayor Lili Bosse, the truck was also seen driving through the city.

“A disgusting antisemitic truck spewing vulgar Jew-hatred drove through our streets today. An example of inhumanity,” Bosse wrote on Twitter. “As a daughter of an Auschwitz survivor, I will always stand up, speak out and fight this hatred.”

According to StopAntisemitism, the police issued no citations.

The truck was covered with phrases alluding to great replacement theory.

Great replacement is the conspiracy theory that a cabal of political elites – often Jews – are trying to destroy white culture or race through mass migration of non-white peoples. It is often part of a narrative about “white genocide,” and manifested in the slogan, “You will not replace us,” or “Jews will not replace us.” 

StopAntisemitism warned that this was “the same rhetoric the Buffalo shooter espoused in his manifesto before murdering 10 people.”

In 2020, the alleged leader of the group, Jon Minadeo Jr, hung signs over a Los Angeles overpass that read “Honk if you know the Jews want a race war.”