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Charges Filed Against Two Men for Broadcasting Hitler Speeches on Austrian Train

Two people were charged in Austria for allegedly playing speeches by Adolf Hitler via the loudspeaker system of a train running from Bregenz to Vienna, Austrian news agency APA reported Monday.

The two suspects, who were not identified, also blasted the “Heil Hitler” Nazi salute via the train’s intercom several times on Sunday. The authorities tracked them down by analyzing video from the train cameras. Spreading Nazi propaganda is a criminal offense in Austria.

The two are also suspected of responsibility for two other incidents last week on trains running from St. Poelten to Vienna, in which recordings were played over the train intercom. Two trains were manipulated to broadcast a “nonsensical, confusing mix” of children’s songs and old, flawed announcements, OeBB spokesman Bernhard Rieder told AFP.

The suspects are believed to have opened the train conductors’ intercom cabins with a key all train employees own and then played the recordings, APA reported.

Austrian rail operator OeBB declined to identify the suspects but said they are “not OeBB employees.”

Source: https://www.cbsnews.com/news/hitler-speeches-played-train-intercom-austria-2-charged/