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Two Queens Men who Praised Antisemitic Attacks Arrested for High Power Weapons Purchase

Joseph Minor, 29, one of the 2 men arrested today
Joseph Minor, 29, one of the 2 men arrested today

A racist antisemite who hinted online at his sexual frustration was busted after he and a friend bought a pile of assault rifles from an undercover agent, the FBI said today. Joseph Miner (pictured), 29, and friend Daniel Jou, 40, bought a cache of weapons with obliterated serial numbers in a hotel room near LaGuardia Airport on Tuesday night.

Agents arrested the Bayside, Queens, pair as soon as they left the hotel room, prosecutors said. Miner posted numerous times online about his desire to “go out firing,” the feds said.

“Go on a spree after my enemies til the authorities take me out … Sometimes I’ve considered forming a well trained incel hit squad,” Miner wrote, according to the FBI. ‘Incel’ is a online shorthand for ‘involuntary celibate.’ Incels — typically far right politically — gripe that they can’t find sexual or romantic partners.

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Investigators aren’t sure whether Miner he had immediate plans for a mass shooting or attack. But they noted it was concerning that Miner bought a tactical helmet and body armor before he and Jou bought the weapons.

“Miner frequently displayed suicidal ideations and fantasized about ‘martyring’ himself and ‘go[ing] out in a blaze of glory’ in a mass shooting-type of attack,” Assistant Brooklyn U.S. Attorney Josh Hafetz wrote in an application to have Miner detained pretrial.

Miner frequently posted photos of himself doing Nazi salutes, commented “Heil Hitler” about a spate of antisemitic attacks in New York and even celebrated the brutal December attack in the Orthodox Jewish community in Monsey, Rockland County.

“Ngl [not going to lie] this is pretty f—ing exciting,” Miner posted in response to a photo of the bloody knife attack, according to federal prosecutors.

Miner said online he hates lots of people. “God I hate women jews and n——s,” he posted to his account, according to the feds.

He also advocated online for “RaHoWa” — alt-right online code for racial holy war, federal prosecutors said.

It was not immediately clear if Jou has publicly espoused similar beliefs.

Miner posted all his far-right propaganda under the Instagram account @souljagoy, law enforcement sources told the Daily News. The handle is a play on rapper Soulja Boy’s name and the word “goy,” which means a non-Jewish person in Yiddish.

He began putting his threats to action in April, when he communicated in coded language about arms purchases with a federal agent he believed to be a weapon supplier, authorities said.