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Passenger Screams “F*cking Devil Jews” in London Bus Attack

A Jewish bus passenger was called a “f*cking devil” in shocking abuse on Friday morning, video footage posted online reveals.

The attacker, who was brandishing a yellow pole, can be seen hurling insults and rambling incoherently on a London bus.

He said: “That’s where you come from, you shouldn’t be in Palestine, you’re some f*cking murders. Kill children… you enslaved black people for 500 years. Jew. F*king Jew he’s a f*cking devil. Tell him all the f*cking Israeli people are dead in a bloodclart. Me tell you that, the black god tell you that. Record it, record all of it.”

Aware that he is being filmed, he then adds: “Bloodclart 10 Downing Street, tell them the black god said all of the people are imposter, deceive people that you are Jew.”

The footage, posted online by Jewish community watch group Shomrim, shows the man becoming increasingly irate.

“F*cking lying bloodclart and you kill them with black people,” he says, while attempting to hit the man filming him with his yellow pole.

“Take your thing off me before me mash it up,” he adds. “Don’t bloodclart film me anymore.”

The abuse reportedly took place at 9am on Friday morning on the 253 bus route.

The most recent hate crime statistics published by the Home Office show that March 2021 and March 2022, there were 1,919 hate crimes targeting Jews, an increase of 49 per cent from the previous year. 

Source: https://www.thejc.com/news/news/passenger-shouts-fking-devil-jews-in-shocking-london-bus-attack-3NWzi6OS3Y0O5AbfxNjt3j