Holding Antisemites Accountable.

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Advocacy Groups Fight Rise in Antisemitism in Florida with Billboard Campaign

Nonpartisan watchdog nonprofit StopAntisemitism has teamed up with the Christian advocacy organization Philos Project to fight rampant Jew-hatred with a billboard campaign across Florida. 

Troubled by the amount of antisemitism coming from white supremacist groups based in Florida, the Philos Project wants to ensure Jewish Floridians know that groups such as the Goyim Defense League and NatSoc do not represent Christian values. For support, Philos turned to StopAntisemitism, which has been at the forefront of condemning these hate groups.

“Partnering with StopAntisemitism was a natural fit: we both believe in driving grassroots action to support diversity,” said Philos Project Deputy Director Luke Moon. “Florida has unfortunately become a hotbed of antisemitism, which goes against Christian values, and we could not allow our Jewish neighbors to shoulder this burden alone.”

StopAntisemitism has become a target of these white supremacist groups because of its work exposing the perpetrators behind hateful flyers, banners, and vandalism across America through its relationships with law enforcement and the media. StopAntisemitism was honored when Philos Project asked to partner to promote unity.

“We need more non-Jewish groups like the Philos Project to take a public stand against antisemitism,” said StopAntisemitism Executive Director Liora Rez. “Jews cannot be alone in this fight; bigotry and hatred being spewed in Florida will not end with the Jewish people nor stop at the state border. We hope these billboards encourage and empower more of our allies.”

One Orlando billboard is located on Southbound FL-15 near Orlando International Airport; the other on Turkey Lake Road near Sand Lake Road in Doctor Phillips. Three floating billboards, one in Miami and two on Pinellas County’s Gulf Beaches, could not have been accomplished without the generous support of Ballyhoo Media. Ballyhoo’s core values of boldness, innovation, and community perfectly aligned with the mission of this campaign. 

“The opportunity to expand the reach of this important campaign was a no-brainer. Bringing our community together against hate is an invaluable initiative for our brand,” said Adam Shapiro, CEO of Ballyhoo Media.

If you would like more information or to speak with Liora Rez of StopAntisemitism, Luke Moon of Philos Project, or Adam Shapiro of Ballyhoo Media, please contact Solomon Howard at [email protected].