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Mercedes Benz Instagram Account Posts Swastika After Account Gets Hacked


An unidentified group of hackers recently hacked German-owned automotive company Mercedez-Benz’s official Instagram account. A Twitter user first recognized the unusual posts from the page. The company confirmed the tweets and said that they apologize for any inconveniences that the hackers have made– since some of the posts involve the Swastika logo and Bitcoin donation amid pandemic. 

On Tuesday evening, May 5, the Instagram account of Mercedez-Benz profiled @mercedesbenz_de, was taken over by hackers for quite some time. Suspects changed the name of the account to “HACKED BY catz (hacked by catz).”


Aside from the name profile, hackers also posted unusual pictures on the page. What’s most interesting was when the hackers posted the infamous logo of the German Nazi, Swastika character.

Even the pictures of one of its competitor BMW was posted on the page– showing what appears to be a promotion to buy their products.

A report also identifies the hacker sharing from the Stories section of the Mercedes-Benz account. “All of you follow,” said hacker, sharing an Instagram user’s account. Hacker shared a photo belonging to a different user and wrote, “Follow. I love it.”

After the Twitter user speculates that the official Instagram account of Mercedez-Benz was hacked, the management of the company officially confirms the hacked account on a follow-up thread.

The official Twitter account of the German-owned company said that they apologize for what happened and clarifies that they are now in control of their account. Information on the identity of the suspects is not yet released by the company.