Holding Antisemites Accountable.

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Las Vegas Woman Charged in Antisemitic Stalking Case

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A Las Vegas woman is accused of being an antisemite after she allegedly stalked her neighbors and harassed them with antisemitic sentiments. The Las Vegas Review-Journal reports that 57-year-old Georgina McGarvie has been charged with felony aggravated stalking and the destruction of personal property.

The situation began in December 2019, when Las Vegas Metro Police were called to the victim’s residence. The unnamed woman told authorities that McGarvie was harassing her and vandalizing her apartment. The vandalism involved writing antisemitic statements and symbolism around the domicile. This wasn’t all the Las Vegas woman had been accused of doing to her neighbors.

The victims reportedly moved in to their home just a couple of months before they were forced to call police on the woman. They claim that the abuse began almost as soon as they moved into the unit. McGarvie allegedly put racist signs up in her windows facing the family’s home. One of the signs referred to the neighbors as “Jewish pigs.” The family alleges that Georgina McGarvie has also shouted antisemitic expletives at their baby. 

When police arrested her, she claimed that the family was pumping gas into her apartment, and that there were chemical trails outside.