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Hundreds of Neo Nazis March in Italy, Throwing Up Sieg Heil Salutes

Approximately 800 Neo-Nazis marched together in Milan, Italy last week. Video footage was taken of the groups of people doing the infamous Nazi salute. The video, which was posted on Twitter has over 1 million views as of Thursday morning.

The event had reportedly taken place to commemorate Sergio Ramelli’s death, a young activist and student who was killed in an ambush in 1975. Police have so far been trying to identify the faces of the attendees.

This is not the only Neo-Nazi event that has occurred in Italy in recent years. Three years ago, a much larger event, which included around 5,000 Neo-Nazis, took place in Rome to commemorate the 40th anniversary of the Acca Larentia killings in 1978, which occurred in the same city when three Neo-Nazis were killed by presumed far-left extremists.

Like the event last week, the 2018 event also had the participants performing Nazi salutes.