Holding Antisemites Accountable.

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Connecticut Middle School Baseball Team Investigated for Antisemitic, Racist Incident

The Middletown Public Schools district is investigating an alleged racist incident that involved a middle school baseball team.

Superintendent Dr. Alberto Vazquez Matos sent parents a letter that stated members of the Beman Middle School baseball team engaged in hateful acts.

“We as parents need to take responsibility for our kids, what they’re learning, and unfortunately, what they’re not learning,” said Brian Donahue, a founding member of a state activist group called Not Just Us.

Donahue was one of many who were disappointed in hearing about such an antisemitic act in Connecticut.

The letter, which was sent to parents on Wednesday, said the team engaged in racist, antisemitic, and offensive language, vulgarity, and the shared offensive and insensitive images.

The letter went on to say that in the coming days, there would be a “restorative circle” with the team to address the incident. All Beman students will also be provided education and support related to diversity and inclusion.

Donahue said he hoped the incident would be a significant teaching moment for the team and a message to other students as well

“I have compassion for them, however, the major thing to learn is that it is not right. You have to teach the children respect for each other, boundaries for each other, guidance,” he said.

Donahue said that that lesson starts at home. “Have themselves, as parents, be a shining example to their children about the diversities and how great it is that not everyone is the same,” he said.

The school district said once the investigation is completed, a recommendation will be made.

Source: https://www.wfsb.com/2023/05/05/middle-school-boys-baseball-team-being-investigated-racist-anti-sematic-incident/