Holding Antisemites Accountable.

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Antisemitic Fliers Circulating in Northern Florida by Well Known Racist Agitator

Antisemitic flyers described as “disturbing” were found circulating in St. Petersburg, Florida, local news reported on Wednesday.

Elizabeth Gelman, director of the Holocaust Museum, said, “The type of actions groups like this employ are very hurtful, especially to our Holocaust survivor population, as they echo the antisemitic propaganda seen during the Holocaust.”

“We are deeply appreciative for the overt support of our community in the face of such vitriolic hatred,” she said.

Local rabbi Philip Weintraub said, “We are all in this together and hate has no place here. We’ve lived in a climate of harsh words for far too long and we need to work to build those bridges to work together.”

The St. Petersburg Police Department investigated the fliers, but concluded they did not constitute a crime.

City Councilwoman Darden Rice, however, said that the city will not tolerate such activity. “St. Pete is not going to stand for racism, for antisemitism, for this type of hate-filled action,” she said.

She described the flyers as “very paranoid” and pledged to keep the group behind them under watch.

“We’re going to shine a light on it because that sunshine is the transparency that disinfects racism, antisemitism, and this kind of hate,” she said.

On Twitter, the StopAntisemitism.org group posted photographs of what it said were the flyers, which ranted about the “preponderance of Jewish power in America” and attacked prominent Jewish individuals like the ADL’s director emeritus Abraham Foxman as “pushing to deprive Americans of their guns.”