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South Florida Police Cruiser Vandalized with Antisemitic Messaging

“Kill the Chabad…Hitler greatest person” was the message left behind after a hate filled person vandalized a police vehicle parked outside the Chabad center in Hallandale Beach.

The police car had been parked as a deterrent in front of Congregation Levi Yitzchok-Lubavitch, Chabad of South Broward on 1295 East Hallandale Beach Boulevard. The vandal smashed a window of the police cruiser and left profanity and hate filled messages before fleeing, thankfully leaving the Chabad center itself without damage.

Rabbi Raphael Tennenhaus of Chabad of South Broward called the incident a Hate Crime in conversation with JewishMiami.info.

The police cruiser was removed from in front of the Chabad center Monday morning as the police investigate the incident.

Source: https://jewishmiami.info/police-car-window-shattered-hateful-message-left-during-vandalism-at-chabad-of-hallandale-beach/