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Antisemitic ‘GDL’ Flyers Discovered in New Orleans

A resident in the Bywater says he’s shocked after finding some nasty antisemitic flyers on his front stoop. 

Nat Lawrence Leichtman told Eyewitness News that he “Came home to find these little packets, just deranged antisemitic propaganda.”

Antisemitic flyers, filled with rhetoric that’s so hateful we won’t show it on TV or on the web.

The flyers were placed in sandwich bags and thrown in front of people’s houses; neighbors say there were several on their pathways. They say they wore gloves because they were worried this package could’ve been contaminated.

StopAntisemitism identified the antisemitic flyer and attributed it to the Goyim Defense League (GDL). The GDL is run by white supremacist Jon Minadeo II. The league travels city to city, tormenting Jewish communities with antisemitic flyer drops. Minadeo was listed twice as the watch group’s “Antisemite of the Week.”

Lawerence Leichtman says he instantly reported the package.

Source: https://www.wwltv.com/article/news/crime/person-distributing-antisemitic-flyers-caught-on-camera-local-news-new-orleans/289-fd93de16-6980-435a-93e8-a8f643aabbfa