Holding Antisemites Accountable.

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UConn Student Arrested for Allegedly Spray Painting Swastikas onto School Building

University of Connecticut Police have arrested a UConn student Kristopher Pieper in connection to antisemitic graffiti that was spray painted on a building.

On March 27th, police were notified of antisemitic graffiti that was spray painted on the UConn Chemistry Building. Officials said the graffiti consisted of a spray-painted Swastika placed directly across the street from UConn Hillel.

Police launched an investigation and obtained surveillance video from the area.

Pieper, a UConn student, was identified as a person of interest.

Police said after interview Pieper, it was learned he was responsible for spray-painting the Swastika on the Chemistry Building.

He was arrested on Thursday and charged with intimidation based on bigotry or bias and criminal mischief.

UConn Police are continuing the investigation into this and similar incidents which have occurred on the Storrs campus this year.