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Jewish Community Center Set on Fire and “Death to Dirty Jews” Spray Painted

Unknown persons set fire to the building of the Jewish community “Shamir” in the Moscow region of Perovo, there were no casualties, the press service of the Russian Jewish Congress (RJC) reported.

“Death to Direty Jews” was also written in Russian.

“In Moscow , unknown set fire to the building of the Jewish community” Shamir “in Perovo district, inflicted on him … a Nazi swastika. It was the Russian Jewish Congress said the chief of the community rabbi” Shamir “Berl Tsisin. The attack took place on the night of April 20, Hitler’s birthday, but it became known about it only now. The porch of the main entrance was partially destroyed by fire. No one was hurt, material damage, according to preliminary estimates, amounted to about 100 thousand rubles, “the press service said.

The Moscow Perovsk Jewish community “Shamir” has existed for thirty years; in the last 12 months it has been subjected to two attacks. According to RJC, the previous one happened on September 20 last year, when an attacker tried to break into the building, but failed and destroyed the porch and the company car.

“Our parishioners are afraid to come to us on holidays and prayers, they do not feel safe within our walls,” Rabbi Tsisin told the RJC.