Holding Antisemites Accountable.

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Nazi Symbol Discovered in Connecticut High School

A swastika was found in William H. Hall High School in West Hartford on Friday, the school administration reported.

The symbol of hate was penciled on the inside of a bathroom stall by the gymnasium, according to the school, which is asking the public for assistance in identifying the individual responsible.

“As we continue to emphasize, there is no place for hate at Hall,” a release from the school on Friday said. “Hall is a community for all, and we will move forward together, standing strong against hate of any kind.”

This is not the first time hateful language has been found in a bathroom in the school, as a similar incident occurred in 2022.

Individuals who have information regarding who might be responsible are encouraged to reach out to the administration or use the anonymous alert app.  

The school noted that the incident will increase the importance of programming such as Monday’s assembly on Hate Crimes and will help the school community identify future steps to move toward eliminating hateful speech and discrimination.

“For those who may have been impacted by this event or message, please know there are caring adults in the building to provide additional support,” the release said.

The school administration asks parents and guardians for help by having conversations with their children and loved ones regarding the harm that hate speech creates.

The release linked to the UNICEF website, which defines hate speech as “any kind of communication in speech, writing or behavior that attacks or discriminates against a person or group’s identity, such as religion, ethnicity, nationality, race, color, descent, disability, age, gender or sexual orientation.”

UNICEF notes that hate speech isn’t just words and can be expressed through images, cartoons, games, videos, objects, gestures and symbols and that it can also include other “identity factors” like language, economic or social origin, or health status.