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Police at UT Austin Had the Perfect Response to a Pro-Hamas Activist Flipping Them Off

If there’s one state that won’t tolerate these pro-Hamas mongrels establishing camps on college campuses, it’s Texas. What were these kids thinking? That the Lone Star State would allow pro-terrorist nonsense to reverberate across various campuses? Nope. Police and security forces moved in quickly to disrupt the pro-Hamas shenanigans yesterday (via Texas Tribune): 

StopAntisemitism shared photos to their X.

“A student walkout at the University of Texas at Austin in support of Palestine turned chaotic Wednesday when police officers tried to disperse protesters using horses and riot gear, resulting in the arrest of at least 30 people. Two members of the media were also arrested. 

More than 500 students walked out of class Wednesday to demand UT-Austin divest from manufacturers supplying Israel weapons in its strikes on Gaza. The demonstration showed no signs of violence before authorities intervened, though police ordered the protesters multiple times to disperse and warned them they would be arrested for trespassing.

Campus police initially appeared open to negotiating with protesters when they arrived but those efforts fell apart within the first hour. One officer singled out a protest organizer in a gold scarf, saying he would be the “first to go.” That protester was the first to be arrested. 

After that, police handcuffed more students using white plastic ties. Officers armed with batons formed a line and pushed protesters back, with many tumbling to the ground. People who identified themselves as legal observers shouted to get the names of those being taken to the Travis County Jail. Students facing arrest used markers to jot down lawyers’ phone numbers on their arms.”

One activist flipped off the police, who responded best to this shrieking fool: “Thank you for your support.” 

It was total pandemonium: 

And surprisingly, even deep blue California wasn’t going to tolerate this nonsense either, as the pro-Hamas camps at the University of Southern California were dismantled: 

Bulldoze all these encampments. Columbia University, you started this trend; you can end it.