Holding Antisemites Accountable.

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Jewish Man’s Car Covered with Anti-Israel Graffiti in Arizona

Members of the Jewish community in Tucson say they feel unsafe because of the constant antisemitic attacks.

Tony Zinman a Pima County Public Defender told News 4 Tucson he always has to be on high alert even in the comfort of his own home.

When Tony went to bed Tuesday night, his car was safely parked in his driveway, but Wednesday morning his Kia Soul was almost unrecognizable.

“My wife leaves before me and she woke me up to tell me that my car was covered in antisemitic graffiti.”

Tony’s car and Star of David stickers were covered in black spray paint. He said this isn’t the first time he’s been targeted. A month ago, he faced a different scenario when he was out for lunch with a friend. He said a man approached his car while he was parked. “He starts to peel off my Star of David bumper sticker while still screaming free Palestine and then he spit on my bumper sticker and spit on me as well.”

Rabbi Sam Cohon said these types of anti-Semitic acts have been on the rise in Tucson since the Israeli-Hamas war began in October, leaving the Jewish community on high alert.

Cohon explains, “People being prevented from going about their normal business, it’s disturbing.”

Shaken up, Tony’s family is reminded of a dark time for the Jewish community. “Her grandparents were in Auschwitz and something like this is very reminiscent of 1933 Berlin.”

Rabbi Cohon said Tony’s family is not alone in this feeling, “but for Jews here of course it’s a trigger to see vandalism to see antisemitic rallies.”

As the Jewish community celebrates Passover this week, the Rabbi wants to remind others, “Passover is about freedom it’s not about the freedom to do damage and destroy,” he explained. “It’s about allowing people to achieve freedom and freedom from fear.”

Despite the violence, Tony remains resilient. “I’m going to get all the same bumper stickers back because I’m not going to be intimidated,”

Tony said a police report has been filed and he doesn’t know the person or people who vandalized his car, but the community has been rallying behind him during this time.