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More Antisemitic ‘GDL’ Flyers Canvas Brevard County Florida

Republican Rep. Randy Fine reported on Twitter that his son found birthday greetings for Adolf Hitler on his Brevard County driveway in a manner that mirrored similar antisemitic droppings in South Florida neighborhoods that are heavily Jewish.

Fine, who regularly references growing up Jewish on the House floor and in committee, posted a photo of the flyer showing Hitler, his date of birth — April 20, 1889 — and a clip art birthday cake. He said it was in a plastic bag weighted down with rocks Saturday morning.

“My 11-year-old son found this …” Fine tweeted about the flyer that also said in all caps under Hitler’s picture, “Died fighting the eternal enemy, the Jews.”

My 11 year-old son found this on our driveway in a bag with rocks this morning. (I’ve edited out the group that sent to not give them pub). Hope these animals had a good time. Soon enough, this will get them sent to prison for five years. #NazisGoingToJail pic.twitter.com/eqYLsmPjsY— Rep. Randy Fine (@VoteRandyFine) April 22, 2023

Fine’s tweet referenced legislation (HB 269) that would make dropping these messages a third-degree felony.

“Hope these animals had a good time,” Fine tweeted. “Soon enough this will get them sent to prison for five years. #NazisGoingToJail.”

Fine did not immediately return a Florida Politics call seeking more information.

The bill, “Public Nuisances,” won every vote in the House Thursday, ironically enough, Hitler’s birthday. Similar Senate legislation that Republican Alexis Calatayud introduced, has been substituted for the House version and currently awaits another hearing.

The bill would upgrade dropping materials with “religious or ethnic animus” from a littering citation to an act punishable with prison time.

Some have worried, however, that it violates the First Amendment right to free expression.

The dropping at FIne’s home in unincorporated Brevard County comes the same week that Fine was featured in a Washington Post story about the Volusia County Sheriff’s work to stop antisemitism.

“If they want to walk down the street, waving a sign, saying Randy Fine should be in the ovens, that is their right,” Fine is quoted in the article as saying. “But they can’t throw that sign in my front yard. And they can’t project that on my house.”

Fine also had a high-profile role as the House passed his bill that makes it a crime for venues to admit children to a “live performance” with prosthetic breasts and genitalia.

“There is evil in this world and we face it here today,” Fine said, as he closed on his controversial bill.

Source: https://floridapolitics.com/archives/605947-randy-fine-reports-antisemitic-flyer-dropped-at-his-home/