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Jewish Lawmaker in Oregon Victim of Antisemitic White Supremacist Campaign

An Oregon Representative who has been pushing for stronger gun safety measures was targeted by a neo-Nazi flyer campaign on Wednesday, in what she described as a “hateful antisemitic attack.” Rep. Rachel Prusak (D), who represents the West Linn district in the Oregon House of Representatives, disclosed that several flyers containing antisemitic stereotypes and Holocaust imagery were posted in Clackamas County. These were used as part of an attack on Prusak’s efforts to pass gun safety legislation.

In a statement condemning the flyers, Prusak commented that the “hate symbols displayed were used to attack my identity while also attacking my commitment to pass gun safety legislation that will save the lives of Oregonians throughout the state.”

She continued: “We know Oregon’s history is steeped in white supremacy and other forms of bigotry and these acts show this history is still relevant and alive in the present. While I was the specific target of these antisemitic attacks, these types of acts affect not just me, but the entire Jewish community in our state. This past year alone, we’ve seen several incidents of Neo-Nazi hate, even within Oregon’s Capitol.”

Among those offering support to Prusak was Oregon’s Attorney-General, Ellen Rosenblum.

“Hate has no place in Oregon. Ever,” Rosenblum tweeted on Wednesday evening. “I am so sorry this happened to you, Rachel Prusak. Thank you for being such a tireless advocate for equity in our state — we all stand behind you!”

Prusak meanwhile pledged to continue with her legislative effort, saying that “like so many people who experience intimidation and hate, I will not back down on either my determination to call out these acts or my efforts to work towards policies that keep us all safe.”