Holding Antisemites Accountable.

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The Washington Post Wants You to Feel Bad for These People. Don’t.

It’s an account that’s been working overtime exposing the legions of antisemites in the wake of the war in Gaza. They’ve been hell on wheels on those tearing down Israeli hostage posters, posting heinous antisemitic smears on social media, and holding these cretins accountable. It’s not doxxing—these people are posting on a public social media platform using their names. What’s disturbing is that this isn’t the usual college-aged crowd—we have numerous professionals being exposed as monsters. Doctors, lawyers, physicians, nurses, and childcare workers have all been ensnared in StopAntisemitism’s campaign to expose Pro-Hamas elements within our society. They’ve now got the attention of some in the national press, which has some questioning the timing. Like NPR, The Washington Post tried to make us feel bad about the pro-terrorist scum who had their lives obliterated for peddling and disseminating pro-terrorist and antisemitic propaganda (via WaPo)

Among a bevy of small social media accounts, StopAntisemitism has become one of the most prominent — and widely followed. Though some groups are dedicated to surfacing anti-Palestinian speech, none has StopAntisemitism’s reach or impact. Founded in 2018 as a “response to increasing antisemitic violence,” StopAntisemitism has dialed up its activity on X since the war, and often provides its more than 300,000 followers with personal social media profiles and employer details for people it identifies as antisemitic. 


“StopAntisemitism gets results,” Liora Rez, the group’s executive director, boasted in a LinkedIn post in November. 

“This is just a small sampling of the bigots StopAntisemitism has gotten fired or suspended in the past week,” she wrote next to photos of people featured by the account. “Sick of the legacy orgs doing nothing with your donations? DM me!” 

Rez did not respond to a request for comment. 

Activists have long used the internet to publicize comments they find offensive, and such pressure campaigns have been central to movements like #MeToo and Black Lives Matter. But the complex politics and brutal violence of the Israel-Gaza war have created a particularly divisive moment. A slew of figures have faced consequences for making statements about Israelis, the Israeli state and the war, including a New York Times Magazine writer, law students entering the job market and Palestinian Israelis, who have been jailed in Israel for being perceived as sympathetic to Hamas. 


In response to questions from The Washington Post about the group’s online activity, Marc Greendorfer, founder of the Zachor Legal Institute, a legal think tank representing StopAntisemitism, described the group’s activity as “reposting.” It “[repeats] verbatim, the public statements of people making antisemitic statements and provides opinion on those statements,” he wrote in a letter. 


Celine Khalife, a 25-year-old therapist, says StopAntisemitism shut down her career just as it was getting started. A video posted by StopAntisemitism shows the Palestinian American tearing down a poster of Israeli hostages. She said Israel kidnapped its own citizens, a false conspiracy theory. 

And? These people aren’t being jailed for their beliefs, but employers surely don’t want them around, not least because they hold deplorable opinions. You can’t have your business being bombarded by people outraged by those who peddle Hamas propaganda. Even when this publication is trying to cast those targeted by Stop Antisemitism, they must note these people are insane. It’s not “online vigilantism” either; it’s merely repeating what these pro-Hamas clowns have voiced on the Internet and video. It’s their fault. 

I shed no tears for these people. The timing of these pieces is also interesting, with the account insinuating that the Biden White House might be involved in increasing the media scrutiny of the account’s activities. They allege the paper only caught the attention of StopAntisemitism when they voiced concerns about Adeel Abdullah Mangi, Biden’s nominee for the Third Circuit Court of Appeals (via Fox News): 

Calling the story both “disturbing and ironic,” StopAntisemitism executive director Liora Rez suggested that The Washington Post often voices support for those who expose rhetoric critical of marginalized groups but has now become sympathetic to Hamas apologists and those who push Jewish conspiracy theories.

“It appears that this particular reporter and his editors only have qualms when Jews defend themselves and take antisemite rhetoric and bring it to the forefront. So, our question is, why are you aligning yourself subconsciously with pro-terror, antisemitic views? That’s what we want to know,” Rez told Fox News Digital. 


“If I personally was working with somebody who wanted my demise, the death of myself as a Jewish woman, I wouldn’t want to be working with somebody like that,” Rez added. 

Keep up the great work, StopAntisemitism. Find these pro-Hamas supporters and expose them all.