Holding Antisemites Accountable.

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Washington Residents Outraged over Neighbor’s Refusal to Remove Nazi Insignia from Property

As La Center, Washington, nears ever closer to the same kind of population growth seen in the neighboring communities of Ridgefield and Battle Ground, residents of the tiny town say there is one specific house sending the wrong antisemitic message to incoming residents and businesses.

“Right now, with the expansion of La Center, we must make a choice about whether or not we will allow the city to be a safe haven for Nazis and Nazi sympathizers,” resident Emily Hancock told the city council during its March 22 meeting.

Hancock said she came to the council meeting representing “a large body of citizens” concerned about an East Dogwood Avenue home with large hand-painted swastikas on the exterior of the house and a World War II Third Reich German flag flying above the home. Property records show the house is owned by longtime La Center resident Donald Soehl.

“The inhabitants of this house are notorious for harassing their neighbors and displaying obscene flags and signs with the intent to intimidate and offend,” Hancock told the council.

Hancock said allowing the graffiti to remain would make existing and potential residents question whether La Center is a welcoming, safe place to live.

Source: https://www.columbian.com/news/2023/apr/19/la-center-residents-concerned-over-home-with-swastikas/