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Israeli Arab Activist Yoseph Haddad Attacked at Pro-Palestinian Protest in NYC

Israeli Arab activist Yoseph Haddad was physically assaulted on Thursday during a pro-Palestinian demonstration in New York City.

In the video that went online, Hadad is seen arguing with protesters and then being pushed and punched by a masked protester. With his lips bleeding, he ran towards the police officers who were standing nearby and pointed at the attacker. The police who were there arrested one of the protesters. 

The attacker is wanted for questioning.

Hadad shared that “during the demonstration, just before the attack, he made sure to cover his face, and immediately after that, he ran away. Coward! 

“He thought we wouldn’t get to him, so he tried to disguise himself and blocked His social networks, which are full of inflammatory¬†anti-Israel content, but I filed a complaint, and he will be arrested in the near future.”

The assault took place near Columbia University near Upper Manhattan, where Hadad arrived to give a lecture. Over 100 pro-Palestinian protesters were also arrested at the campus the same day.