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Shocking Video Captures Moment Protester Near Columbia University Yells, ‘We’re all Hamas,’ ‘Long live Hamas’

Shocking video footage captured the moment a protester near Columbia University declared, “We’re all Hamas” and “Long live Hamas” as protests intensified Wednesday — with dozens of students taking part in a “Gaza Solidarity Encampment” as the university’s president faced congressional grilling over antisemitism on campus.

The clip shows a female protester with a keffiyeh covering her head and face loudly banging on NYPD barricades erected near the university’s Morningside Heights campus before yelling, “We are Hamas!”

In the video, shared on X by watchdog nonprofit StopAntisemitism the person behind the camera questions the protesters and they reply, “Yes, we’re all Hamas, pig!”

“Long live Hamas,” the protester cries out from in front of the 1 train subway entrance at 116th Street and Broadway.

Other footage from Wednesday’s protest shows NYPD officers stepping in between tense confrontations of pro-Israel and pro-Palestinian demonstrators.

The same protester who said “We are Hamas” can be seen in another clip shared by Freedom News TV bellowing, “Get the f— out of our faces. Now!” and drawing a heated response from a woman with an Israeli flag draped over her shoulders.

The pro-Israel demonstrator then yells into the camera, “Get these f—ing lunatics! Why don’t you arrest them?”

A cop can be seen physically putting himself between the two groups before the woman in the Israeli flag and her friend move on.

Later footage shows dozens of officers filing out of the subway station at the heart of the protest wearing helmets with plastic face shields.

Overnight dozens of Columbia University students demonstrated in a sit-in, transforming the university’s main lawn into a “Gaza Solidarity Encampment.”

The demonstration occurred as Columbia president Minouche Shafik testified before the House Education and Workforce Committee about antisemitic incidents at the school.

A report from the Ivy League school’s Task Force on Antisemitism found “repeated violations by student groups” at Columbia after the Oct. 7 Hamas terror attacks in Israel.