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New York City Council Candidate Quinn Mootz Claims Upper West Side “Too White, Too Jewish”

Quinn Mootz, the Campaign Manager for an Upper West Side candidate for the City Council is causing outrage for saying the neighborhood is too white — and Jewish.

Mootz, who is running Sara Lind’s council bid, is catching much flak for her April 13th comments on Twitter, which have since been deleted — but not before critics took screen grabs.

“Jews are not POC [People of Color] for just being jewish. sorry,” Mootz tweeted, using the handle “Quinn Mootz says Hot Girls Hate The Filibuster.”

Quinn Mootz 2.jpeg

Mootz also tweeted, “As of 2018: 10.8% of the population is Asian, 4.1% black, 14.1% hispanic, and 68.4% white. So yeah ima go ahead and say the UWS has a diversity problem. Of your 191,000 residents…. 130,795 are white,” she said.

Mootz also also lambasted “sh–ty people” who refer to “homeless people as zombies and think anyone to the left of you is too woke. You f–king moron.”

Quinn Mootz 3.jpeg

Neighborhood critics slammed Mootz — who happens to be white and Jewish — for what they saw as a swipe at Jews.

Her remarks also drew unfavorable coverage in the Jewish Press.

Upper West Side resident Steven Dzik said, “I have to assume the campaign manager’s views reflect the candidate’s. Mootz’s comment shows contempt for the residents of the neighborhood she hopes to represent.”