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Pro-Hamas Mob Harasses New York Commuters

Alarming video shows anti-Israel protesters taking over a New York City subway car and horrifying Jewish riders with sick antisemitic chants — even saying they were “proud” of Iran for attacking Israel.

“Iran, you make us proud!” the group yell in a call-and-response chant as a young woman stares wide-eyed in horror during the vile scenes said to have been filmed Monday, the day American flags were burnt in widespread protests.

“Yemen you make us proud … Rafah you make us proud. West Bank you make us proud,” they also chant as scared Jewish riders sit nearby.

“From the river to the sea, all our people will be free,” they also chant, a phrase widely taken as an antisemitic call for the eradication of the Jewish state.

The footage was shared Tuesday by thew Jews of NY Instagram page, which said it was sent by one of the horrified Jewish New Yorkers on the ride.

“It sure does feels like we are living in a horrifying science fiction movie,” Jews of NY wrote in a caption.

As well as chanting, the anti-Israeli mob – some seen wearing keffiyeh scarves — held signs including “Land you have to kill for is not yours — Free Gaza.”

The anonymous rider who took the footage said they were “completely surrounded on all sides and everywhere in the train car by these young Americans who were so filled with rage.”

“They were so angry and seemed capable of violence,” the tipster wrote. “All I was able to do was document what I saw and this is just a sliver I didn’t even get the worst parts.”

The subway protest lasted for 15 or 20 minutes and unfolded over the course of several stops. It was not clear from the video on which line it occurred.

“That was one of the scariest things,” the eyewitness added. “When I was able to look at them, I noticed how easily they were chanting that they wanted to kill Jews, to get rid of Jews, to destroy Israel, destroy Zionists, bring destruction to America. Like it is a completely normal thing to exterminate an entire people! And yet they accused Israel of genocide.”

The video came after anti-Israel protesters once again unleashed chaos across the Big Apple Monday, swarming Lower Manhattan, snarling traffic on the Brooklyn Bridge and burning US flags in public while chanting “Death to America!”