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Pro-Hamas Demonstrators Blockade Golden Gate Bridge

Pro-Palestinian demonstrators protested and blocked traffic on the Golden Gate Bridge on Monday, with local reports in the Bay Area stating that vehicles in the area were blocked for nearly five hours before being reopened to traffic.

A pro-Palestinian protest also closed all the lanes on the I-880 in the city of Oakland near the Bay Area. ABC 7 News reported the event “as part of a worldwide economic blockade in solidarity with Gaza.”
The report described protesters in Oakland bringing filled with concrete onto the highway and chaining themselves to the barrels, with police having to arrest the protesters only after they cut through the barrels. The Golden Gate protest was said to have backed traffic into Marin County north of the bridge.

About 28 people were arrested overall during the protests, according to the California Highway Patrol.

A report from the Bay Area branch of NBC stated that protesters exited their cars at 7:30 a.m. on the bridge, demanding that the US “stop stop arming and funding Israel in the war in Gaza,” according to the protest’s organizers. Helicopter footage documented protesters holding a banner saying, “Stop the world for Gaza.”

Protesters have also protested on Monday in Chicago at O’Hare Airport.

CBS News reported that Monday’s anti-Israel protests were planned as part of an “economic blockade” coordinated with protests in other major US cities.