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New Jersey Rabbi Blocked from Publishing Advertisement Calling for the Release of Captive Israelis

New Jersey rabbi was denied the ability to place an advertisement calling for the release of Hamas hostages in certain locations of South Brunswick in early February, despite there being Pro-Palestinian advertisements at the same locations.

Rutgers Chabad Rabbi Mendy Carlebach told The Jerusalem Post that Lamar Advertising of New York City and New Jersey had told him that they were not accepting “anything related to the hostages or the kidnappings” on two billboards at Monmouth Junction.

Lamer clarified to the rabbi that the township did not accept “sensitive or religious” messaging in the location because it was on South Brunswick’s property.

“This makes no sense to not allow the victims of the worst terror attack on Israel to bring attention to hostages but to allow Pro-Palestine propaganda,” Carlebach told Lamar in an email.

The rabbi said he contacted the township, which told him there was no such restriction. The township did not respond to the Post’s queries.

The site had previously hosted an advertisement that called to “save Gaza’s children, call your congress member.” Lamar told the rabbi that the advertisement ended on December 14. However, the rabbi said the site continued to have advertisements with religious messaging related to Ramadan.

Lamar did not respond to Post’s requests for comment.