Holding Antisemites Accountable.

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Nazi Symbol Etched onto Restaurant Near Jewish Holy Site in Ukraine

In Uman, a man drew a swastika on the building of a Jewish canteen located near the Hasidic pilgrimage quarter. 

The Jewish community reported that the incident occurred on April 12 near the Bratslav Hasidic pilgrimage quarter.

Judging by the photo, in addition to the swastika, the attacker wrote the phrase A.C.A.B., which is hostile to law enforcement.

The Jewish community does not understand the boy’s motives and what prompted him to do this. However, they have already qualified the boy’s actions in accordance with the current legislation and noted that he could be imprisoned for 5 years for drawing a swastika.

Today, on Tuesday, 16.04.2024, the inscription was painted over.

As the United Jewish Community of Ukraine has learned, the police promptly identified the offender, and all necessary investigative actions, including an examination, are being taken.