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Armed Robbers Storm South Africa Synagogue, Tie Up Rabbi and Two Men with Tallit

Armed robbers stormed the Kehillas Shomrei Emunin in Johannesburg on Thursday morning , tying up the Rabbi and two other men with Tallit. The thieves left the men tied on the floor as they fled with stolen belonings, B’Chadrei Chareidim reported.

The building is guarded by a private security company whose guards regularly patrol the area but the guards somehow missed the incident.

While the men were trying to free themselves from their restraints, the non-Jewish cook who prepares the food for the Kiddush on Shabbos discovered them on the floor and called the police.

Only two days before the incident, a Jewish man who lived close by to the shul was murdered during a robbery.

“What happened only strengthens the belief that the Torah protects us,” one of the congregants told B’Chadrei. “The thieves could have shot them – it was mamash a neis.”